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Exam Registration

How do I register for my exams?

During the commonly known deadlinges, exam registration and exam cancellation are possible under the tab “My Studies → Study Plan with Module Plan and the tab “Register for Exam” for the study programmes

of the special field engineering,

of the special field economics,

all online study programmes

and the specials fields seafaring or logistics.

You can find a more detailed click-through-instruction via the tab “My Studies → Study Plan with Module Plan” here:

For online study programmes and the special fields seafaring and logistics, we suggest a login via the tab “Register Exams”. A more detailed click-trough-instruction can be found here.

Please note that in this context, the study programmes

Communication- and Information Technologies (also in practical composite, each PO 2012),

Mechanical Engineering-Informatics + in practical composite, each PO 2011,

Mechatronics in practical composite PO 2011,

Marine Technology Po 2013,

Economics in practical composite dual (PO 2013 / PO 2012) and

Insurance Banking and Finance (PO 2011 / PO 2012)

as well as all other study programmes still need to be registered for and cancelled via the Examination Administration.