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Deletion of Application Data

Why am I not able to…

  • …access my application data at the end of the application deadline?

Due to data security reasons, the Jade University is only allowed to use your application data - including your data for the associated registration - for the procurement procedure. After this procedure is completed, all data must be cleared up. This means that - in case of another application - you need to re-enter all your data.

See remark about data security: With paragraph 9, section 2 of the NDSG you are being informed that the information you shared in your application (personal data) are being collected and processed automatically. In case of matriculation, the data needed for the student management are being incorporated into the student file. In case there is no matriculation or a part of the data is not needed for the matriculation (e.g. copies of certificates, CVs, motivational letters), the data are being deleted after the procurement procedure for the respective semester - or they are blocked until they are being deleted, if they are still needed for purposes of proof.

The raised data help the execution of the selection process according to the respectively legal regulations for the allocation of the study places. In doing so, the data are being transmitted to the responsible selection committee. There, they are processed until the end of the procedure. The obligation of indication and the right to process stem from paragraph 17, section 1, page 1 of the NDSG, in combination with the respectively valid regulations for each study programme, if applicable. The indications marked with * are mandatory details. Optional information can sometimes accelerate the procedure (e.g. additional contact data). In some cases, they can also lead to advantages regarding the selection for a study place (e.g. waiting time indications or an application for a hardship case).

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